Welcome to the future of Real Estate

We welcome you to a real estate investment ecosystem that is based entirely on a blockchain framework, thus allowing you to easily own real estate anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

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Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities Around The Globe

Use the highly comprehensive and user-friendly SuperBlock mobile app to invest in fractionalized properties anywhere in the world. We use sophisticated AI algorithms and machine learning to source and evaluate profitable real estate opportunities from prime locations. With in-depth analytics, you can track your purchases or sales, monitor your returns and manage portfolios with just the tap of your phone screen!

Why SuperBlock?

Traditional real estate investment comes with many problems and loopholes that investors have to navigate. SuperBlock turns real estate into fractional NFTs that can be mined from anywhere in the world through the SuperBlock app. This high-end blockchain infrastructure offers extreme ease-of-use and transparency in areas such as property valuation, legal certainty, speed of transaction and more. What makes SuperBlock unique is the constant quest for innovation! Our ecosystem is sustained through machine learning and AI technologies that use billions of data points to make the right decisions for the growth of our platform and its investors. SuperBlock is a valuable place for all investors to expand their portfolio and discover exciting property developments all across the world!

Transcending Barriers with Innovation

SuperBlock aims to eliminate the middleman and offers direct benefits to the investors. We turn real estate into highly liquid factional NFTs, which makes them easily tradable and eliminates the need for agents and other intermediaries, who might charge commissions or might make hidden deals without informing the investors. With an ecosystem that is backed by complex AI and machine learning capabilities, we make it easy for our users to make the right investment decisions that will offer ROI for years to come.

Low Fees

Blockchain technology allows us to eliminate fees and additional costs that come with traditional real estate investing done through an agent. Because we transfer digitized ownership shares, transfer taxes are reduced drastically.

Efficient Administration

Be it fully automated smart contracts or SuperBlock's decentralized blockchain framework, everything works synergistically to offer a smooth and quick user experience to the investors.

Crypto Investors

By turning real estate into NFTs, we can bring a new demographic of crypto investors into the real estate market and also have it function as a hedge against the bear markets.

Complete Automation

Every step of the real estate supply chain is automated at SuperBlock. From rent collection and distribution to security deposit claims and more, everything becomes simple and easy with on-chain collection.

Decentralized Lending

SuperBlock is an inspiring step forward! Our platform can be the stepping stone that brings physical asset backing to decentralized lending & borrowing within the decentralized finance sector. This is something that has never been seen before!

Segmented Real estate portfolio

Our platform allows investors to build a highly diverse and segmented global real estate portfolio from the comfort of their smartphone.

How It Works?

Here is a simple step-by-step operational guideline for the SuperBlock marketplace

Create Account and Wallet

With a few simple steps, you can fill in your basic details and create your account and wallet on the SuperBlock marketplace

Verify Your Identity

Upload an ID document and start the verification and KYC process

Unlock The Investment Tier

SuperBlock offers a unique token skating program with rewards that unlock new investment tiers, while also offering more features and benefits with each tier.

Browse Our Marketplace

Simply scroll through our listed properties and find the ones you like

Invest Into A Property

By selecting a payment method of your choice, you can start investing the properties that catch your attention

Receive Rental Dividends

Receive rental dividends from your properties as direct payouts to your wallet

Benefit from Capital Appreciation

Enjoy the capital appreciation when the market value of your properties is on the rise

Sell your share

Once you think have benefitted from the capital appreciation and are ready to sell your property for a profit, simply sell your ownership using SuperBlock's innovative peer-to-peer swap technology

Join our community

Join SuperBlock’s active Discord community and get effective tips from not just the SuperBlock team, but also other successful investors on the SuperBlock platform. Be the first one to get live updates on everything related to SuperBlock!

About $SBX

$SBX is SuperBlock’s native utility token that is used within the ecosystem to perform all transactions, from purchasing and selling NFTs to distributing rental dividends and everything in between. The SuperBlock $SBX token has been designed to offer an optimal investment experience to the users.



Token name


Total supply


Hard cap $


Seed $


Private $


Public $


Token type

ERC20 (Polygon)

Strategic/KOL $


Initial circulating supply


Initial market cap $


Total diluted market cap $


Estimated listing date​




Token amount










Starts 120 days after listing, 24 months, daily interval







Starts 60 days after listing, 18 months, daily interval







Starts 31 days after listing, 24 months, daily interval







Starts 1 day after listing, 6 months, daily interval







Starts 180 days after listing, 24 months, daily interval







Starts 120 days after listing, 24 months, daily interval







Starts 1 day after listing, 48 months, daily interval







Starts 31 days after listing, 47 months, daily interval








Exchange & LP





Starts 1 day after listing, 36 months, daily interval






Starts 1 day after listing, 24 months, daily interval







Starts 31 days after listing, 30 months, daily interval


Token Allocation

Use Of Funds


Listed below is the SuperBlock roadmap for the following year. This is a step-by-step look into the evolution of the SuperBlock platform, with new updates added on a regular basis. Be sure to sign up for our Waitlist to get regular updates!

Q4 2021

Birth of initial idea

Q1 2022

Preliminary research on legal and tax burdens

Market validation

Layout of deal capacity

Initial exploration of legal partners

First comparison of blockchains and tech

Closure of pre-seed funding by TSMA Group

Q2 2022

Construction of legal team

Recruitment of the development team

Recruitment of the UX/UI team
Finalization brand foundations

Technological draft of the platform and functionalities

Start of the legal structuring process

Creation of token utilities

Finalization of token economics

Writing of litepaper

Sourcing first real estate properties

Q3 2022

Start of the smart contract development

1st VC partnership

Seed round

Litepaper finalization

Finalization of the initial platform UX/UI

Start of platform development

Announcement of initial layer of advisors & partners

Q4 2022

Private round

Finalization of the platform corporate structure

Finalization $SBX token smart contracts

Finalization of wallet system

Fiat on and off-ramp integration by
major regulated banking partner

Finalization corporate issuance structures globally

Exploration of a Sharia compliant framework for Islamic investors

Q1 2023

• Audit of the token smart contracts

• Platform demo

• Finalization P2P swaps (P2P Swaps)

• Finalization of MVP infrastructure

• Audit on MVP platform smart contracts

• Penetration tests


• Beta testing platform

• MVP platform launch

• Marketing campaign around project launch

• Tech layout mobile application

Q2 2023

• Expanding infrastructure to be U.S. compliant

• 1st CEX listing

• Release of staking module

• Release of referral module

• Follow-up platform developments

• Roll-out of the mobile application

Q3 2023

• Extensive marketing campaign on
STO opportunities

• Launch infrastructure for U.S. STO's

• Attending multiple big blockchain events in the gulf region

• Further exploration of sandbox regulations

Meet our team!

Here at SuperBlock, we are a team of highly passionate and diverse individuals. With our combined expertise and our entrepreneurial spirit, we create a unique user experience for the SuperBlock platform and enhance our users’ real estate investment opportunities.

With decades' worth of experience in finance & investment, real estate and technology, I am merging my expertise through SuperBlock to disrupt traditional real estate through blockchain and AI technology.


CEO / Co-Founder

As Chief Product Officer, I leverage unique tech solutions and pair them with my industry expertise to make sure that all utilities and processes within the SuperBlock ecosystem are executed perfectly.

Sophia Liao

Chief Product Officer

It is my mission to leverage highly insightful data at every step of the SuperBlock platform in order to ensure that all decisions are made to our investors' best advantage.


Chief Data Officer

As the research intern, I do my best to compile data and conduct research that helps the SuperBlock team make informed decisions on a daily basis.


Research Intern

As the creative director, I ensure that all of our marketing and PR efforts are rooted in highly creative ideas that truly reflect SuperBlock's vision and philosophy as a business.


Creative Director

With over 18 years of experience in leading global and complex technology programs for blue chip clients. Mo has been a member of a blockchain strategy board for a major FTSE 100 company aimed at piloting blockchain initiatives for enterprise adoption.


Mo Ayub

CTO / Co-Founder

I am highly proactive about developing and executing investment strategies and policies that further enhance the experience of our investors.

YuanYuan Sun

Chief Investment Officer

I use efficient techniques and tools to coordinate all campaigns and business events to ensure smooth operation of everything at SuperBlock.


Campaign Manager

WI am passionate about creating advertising schedules, marketing plans and organizing promotional activities that help SuperBlock grow and thrive in all aspects.


Head of Advertising

I am passionate about assessing customer needs and coming up with innovative tools, products, utilities and features that continue to enhance the SuperBlock user experience.


Product Manager

It is important for SuperBlock to stay in touch with its investors. I ensure that we regularly engage with our investors and followers on social media, while sharing important updates on time.


Social Media manager

I ensure that SuperBlock's public image is dynamic and influential, which in turn brings in a lot of benefits for our investors. As a business development expert, I ensure that the SuperBlock platform truly delivers on the marketing claims.

Mehtab Raja

Marketing & Business Development

I leverage my tech acumen to ensure that technological innovation is part of the daily processes at SuperBlock. Achieving business goals and targets through tech is my top priority!

SuperBlock Employee

Chief Operating Officer

I use cutting-edge statistics and insightful data to inform business decisions that ensure a secure future for SuperBlock and its investors in any economical climate.



I ensure that daily processes and office work at SuperBlock is carried out efficiently and smoothly, thus impacting the overall experience of our users every day.



I ensure the smooth operation and management of all transactions and exchanges on the SuperBlock platform, I also develop further strategies to enhance the experience of our investors.


Liquidity Supervisor

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